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NISM Derivatives VIII

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<p>Master the intricacies of derivatives markets and products</p>



The NISM Derivatives Dealer Module is a comprehensive training program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the field of derivatives trading. This module, offered by the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM), is an essential certification for professionals seeking to pursue a career as derivatives dealers in the financial industry.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive coverage of derivatives markets and products
  • In-depth understanding of futures and options contracts
  • Risk management techniques and trading strategies
  • Regulatory aspects of derivatives trading

What you will learn:

  • Learn Derivatives Fundamentals
    Understand the basics of derivatives and their role in financial markets
  • Explore Futures and Options Contracts
    Gain in-depth knowledge of futures and options contracts and their characteristics
  • Master Risk Management Techniques
    Learn effective risk management strategies for derivatives trading
  • Develop Trading Strategies
    Discover various trading strategies and their applications in derivatives markets
  • Understand Regulatory Framework
    Explore the regulatory framework governing derivatives trading

Course Benefits:

  • Acquire a valuable NISM certification, recognized by the financial industry.
  • Enhance career prospects in the derivatives trading field.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of derivatives markets and trading strategies.
  • Gain practical skills to effectively manage risk and maximize profits.
  • Stay up-to-date with regulatory changes and compliance requirements.


Class 1: Introduction to Financial Derivatives

3 attachments

Overview of financial derivatives

Importance and role in financial markets

Example: Understanding derivatives in the context of stock market indices

Class 2: Types of Derivatives

4 attachments

Futures contracts

Options contracts

Forwards and swaps

Illustration: Exploring different types with real-world examples

Class 3: Market Mechanics and Operations

3 attachments

Trading platforms

Clearing and settlement processes

Example: The lifecycle of a futures trade with step-by-step illustrations

Class 4: Risk Management in Derivatives

3 attachments

Understanding risk in derivatives

Hedging strategies

Illustration: How to hedge against price fluctuations using futures contracts.

Class 5: Basic Pricing of Derivatives

3 attachments

Factors influencing derivative prices

Basics of option pricing

Example: Calculating the theoretical price of an options contract

Class 6: Trading Strategies - Part 1

3 attachments

Long and short positions

Basic trading strategies using futures and options

Illustration: Creating a long futures position and its profit/loss analysis

Class 7: Trading Strategies - Part 2

3 attachments

More advanced trading strategies

Risk-reward analysis

Example: Implementing a straddle strategy and assessing risks

Class 8: Options Strategies

3 attachments

Understanding options strategies

Covered call, protective put, etc

Illustration: Building a covered call strategy and its potential outcomes

Class 9: Market Participants

3 attachments

Role of different participants in the derivatives market

Regulators and regulations

Example: How market makers contribute to market liquidity

Class 10: Trading Psychology

3 attachments

Emotions and decision-making in derivatives trading

Risk management from a psychological perspective

Illustration: Handling emotions during market volatility

Class 11: Real-time Market Analysis - Part 1

3 attachments

Practical analysis of market data

Interpreting market trends

Example: Analyzing historical price charts to identify trends

Class 12: Real-time Market Analysis - Part 2

3 attachments

Technical analysis techniques

Chart patterns and indicators

Illustration: Recognizing common chart patterns like head and shoulders

Class 13: Real-time Market Analysis - Part 3

3 attachments

Fundamental analysis of derivatives

Economic indicators

Example: Assessing the impact of economic news on derivatives

Class 14: Derivatives Regulations and Compliance

3 attachments

NISM regulations

Legal and compliance requirements

Illustration: Understanding margin requirements and position limits

Class 15: Practical Trading Simulations - Part 1

3 attachments

Hands-on trading experience in a simulated environment

Placing orders and managing positions

Example: Executing a futures trade in a simulated trading platform

Class 16: Practical Trading Simulations - Part 2

3 attachments

Advanced trading simulations

Portfolio management

Illustration: Building and managing a diversified derivatives portfolio

Class 17: Risk Management in Practice

3 attachments

Real-world risk management scenarios

Case studies

Example: Evaluating risk management strategies using historical market data

Class 18: Trading Strategies - Part 3

3 attachments

Algorithmic trading

High-frequency trading

Illustration: Exploring algorithmic trading strategies with practical coding examples

Class 19: Guest Speaker Session

2 attachments

Inviting an industry expert for a guest lecture on derivatives trading trends and insights

Q&A session with the guest speaker

Class 20: Exam Preparation and Wrap-up

3 attachments

Review of key concepts

Exam strategies and preparation tips

Mock exam with detailed explanations


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